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Solar Panels &

Home Batteries


Why get Solar Panels?


With growing concerns around energy price increases and supply instability, as well as climate change and a greater understanding of the damage that fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas are doing to the planet, it seems more relevant to ask ‘Why wouldn’t we go solar?'.


But if you still need more encouragement, here are a few reasons why solar energy is a wise investment for your home or commercial property.

  • CO2 savings from a 4kW PV system annually are around 1900kg. And with no moving parts, the system will last for around 25 years meaning a reduction of over 47 tonnes of carbon! That’s the same as driving an average car 120000 miles ... Or 16, (yes, that is 16!) return trip flights from London to Sydney.

  • Once installed, it’s free and no energy company can charge you for it! It’s being absorbed by your roof daily, so why not make the most of it.

  • The sun produces more energy each day than the entire planet could ever need and it carries zero greenhouse gas emissions in the harvesting of it. In fact, enough energy is absorbed by the earth in the first 2 minutes of the year to provide for all our energy needs, including industry and transport!

  • In a fluctuating global political landscape, it creates greater self-sufficiency and energy security for your home. Ask us about how solar combined with battery storage could eliminate over 90% of your electricity bil​l.

  • It reduces our reliance on the volatile energy markets and reduces the peaks and troughs of energy bills being controlled by other nations and the big energy corporations.

  • Home battery storage systems are readily available to store and distribute power long after the sun has stopped shining.

  • It’s clean, green and sustainable. It significantly reduces your carbon footprint and makes you feel great about doing your bit to help the planet.

  • Oh and once again … it’s free after the installation costs!

Under the UK government rules you can make the most of 0% VAT on Home Batteries and Solar PV systems when fitted together at the same time.

How do Solar Panels work?

Film courtesy of TED Ed at You Tube

  • Sunlight hits the solar panels on your roof and generates DC current.

  • The electric current flows into an inverter that converts it into useable AC current.

  • The AC current then flows from your inverter to your fuse box and around the home to plug sockets and lights.

  • On sunny days your panels might produce too much power, this can be stored in a home battery system and/or sent back to the National Grid to supply other homes and businesses. And you can get paid for selling back to the grid!

What does it cost?


The only costs you will incur with solar energy is for the initial design and installation of the system. These installation costs vary depending on many factors. Please contact us to discuss your energy needs and we will be happy to compile a free, no obligation plan and quotation.

The government have removed their financial support for solar, where in previous years, they paid a small amount for all energy generated by solar PV systems, and for energy returned to the grid. However under the Smart Export Guarantee this is now possible via electricity suppliers. All installations being installed (by MCS registered installers) will benefit from this. There are a number of energy suppliers who will buy your excess solar PV generation (at a great rate if you can use a battery to provide this energy during peak hours!). Even without government support, solar PV is becoming more and more financially viable.


This is evolving with the technology, please contact us for the most up-to-date information.


Solar PV Panels


At TVR Electrical Services we use a wide range of panels by different manufacturers and can advise on the most suitable for your property and energy needs as part of our design and installation process.

The number of panels on your roof will determine the amount of energy you are able to generate and we will advise on these as part of our initial conversations.

We are fitters of Solaredge, SMA, Growatt, JA Solar, Jinko, LG, Panasonic, Perlight, Solax, Solis, Viridian, Schletter, Renusol, GSE.

Home Battery


Home batteries collect the energy from your solar panels and store it for use when the sun has stopped shining. They can also be connected to an Economy 7 energy tariff, which enables them (when necessary) to charge up at night using the cheapest possible energy rates for use later in the day.


There are a number of battery products in the market and we are qualified fitters for Tesla Powerwall, Solaredge, GivEnergy and Solax.

0% VAT
when you install a Home Battery & Solar PV system at the same time.

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