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If you own, or are in the process of purchasing, an electric or hybrid vehicle you’ll need a place to charge it. We can fit these at your residential or commercial property, provided you have off street parking that is privately owned (or with relevant owners permission in place) and is adjacent to your property. 


You may want to consider applying for a grant to cut your costs ...


The UK Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles 'OZEV' is tasked with key targets for reducing vehicle emissions. There are a system of grants, designed to encourage everyone to install smart charge systems for their electric vehicle's 'EV'. These schemes are changing frequently with UK gov guidelines, please contact us for the most up to date information.


Under current plans the government has pledged to ban the sale of petrol & diesel vehicles after 2040.

When driven, pure electric vehicles emit zero noxious or harmful gases into the atmostphere.

An electric car can cost as little as 3p per mile in fuel, as opposed to around 12p for diesel or petrol cars.

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