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 At TVR Electrical Services we are proud to be certified installers of Tesla Powerwall, a system (and organisation) that is leading-the-charge in making green energy a smarter choice for everyone; from energy creation, to the way we store it and use it.

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energy supply.

Decrease reliance

and costs of energy

from the National Grid.

Protect your supply

with back-up reserves

of self-stored power.

Manage your supply

with ease using 

the Tesla app.

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Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, home energy storage system. In the simplest of terms, it is a battery unit that connects to your Solar PV system and stores energy during daylight, releasing it when you need it (e.g. throughout the evening/night).


It is designed and developed with the cutting edge research and development you might expect from the Tesla brand, not only providing a smart energy solution for your home, but it looks pretty smart too.


If used in tandem with an Economy 7 electricity tariff, the Powerwall can also be set to charge at night from the National Grid (if required) using the cheapest rate of electricity and deliver it during the day, reducing the cost of your daytime/higher rate electricity costs.


By utilising both solar energy and by load shifting, using the National Grid, you can see a reduction in your energy bills, take great steps towards a more environmentally friendly energy solution and increase your self-sufficient energy supply.


*When connecting to existing Solar PV system. Prices are subject to full site survey.

0% VAT
when installed at the same time as a Solar PV system.



Tesla Powerwall is a completely automated system that installs easily (inside or outside your home) and requires no maintenance. It is touch safe for pets and children with no exposed wires or hot vents. It can be wall or floor mounted and is fully weather proof if you decided to site it outdoors. If sited inside your home you’ll be pleased to hear that the unit is almost silent.


Tesla Powerwall updates itself with over-the-air software updates. It also improves its understanding of the peaks and troughs of your power needs over time, considering factors like usage data, seasonality and weather conditions, to provide optimum efficiency. By using the Tesla app technology, you can monitor your energy from anywhere.


As the registered and accredited installers of Tesla Powerwall systems in our area, we would be more than happy to discuss how this system and our other solar solutions might work for you.

Under the UK government rules you can make the most of 0% VAT on Tesla Powerwall and other Home Batteries when installed at the same time as a Solar PV system.

Film courtesy of TESLA at You Tube.


Tesla Powerwall installed in Havant, Hampshire, UK

Here’s what Neil said …


“It is an up front investment, but I wanted to future-proof my property and feel like I am doing my bit for sustainability and the environment. The sun is beating down on my roof and producing all this energy, it makes common sense to make the most of it. In time, my initial investment will not only cover the set up costs, but also cut my monthly bills and bring me a small income back from supplying spare energy to the National Grid.


Installation of my Tesla Powerwall was simple, efficient and being based in my garage was not at all intrusive. Trevor has been on-hand throughout the process to advise and guide me. He has also set me up with the website account, which monitors the supply and provides a tangible interface on the systems effectiveness. It is really rewarding and if I am honest satisfies the slight ‘techie-geek’ in me to check-back and see how well the system is delivering.


I have no problem in recommending both the Telsa Powerwall and the services of Trevor and the TVR Electrical team.”

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Neil from Havant, Hampshire.

When Neil took over his Mother's property in 2013, he wanted to carry out extensive remodelling and update it, to make the property better suit his needs. The new layout included a large rear extension, creating a light, bright open plan, new home.


With a keen interest on sustainability and environmental issues, Neil (who also keeps his own Bee’s!) was keen to incorporate some of these ideas into the remodelling.  Investing in solar power for the property seemed a no-brainer, particularly as a number of neighbours and friends were already singing the praises, profits and benefits of their solar PV installations.


Neil began with 15 Solar PV panels and eventually decided to increase his panels to 21 and add a Tesla Powerwall battery system to store the energy created and really get the maximum out of his rooftop energy supply.


There are a number of solar and battery storage options on the market and at TVR Electrical Services we are able to discuss and recommend which is the best option for you and your energy needs.

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